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Mirako is a recognized OEM /ODM manufacturer, wholesaler, Supplier and Exporter of the most popular electronics products, such as Power Bank, Quick charger, Wireless charger and Bluetooth Speaker with factory in Shenzhen, China.

Mirako is a recognized OEM /ODM manufacturer, wholesaler, Supplier and Exporter of world wide popular Electronic products, like power bank, bluetooth speaker, TWS products with factory in Shenzhen, China since 2005.

Now we are specialist supplier and exporter of Power Bank and Bluetooth Speaker etc products. Our dynamic team of specialists is dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing life-style-enhancing electronics with value-added product and competitive price. Our core competence lies in our people - the experienced and creative R & D team as well as their ability to identifying, developing and utilizing leading edge technologies and turning them into the most innovative and reliable products in the most economic way via solution integration function enhancement, product design optimization and cost-effective manufacturing.

In addition, we affiliate with top design and solution companies as strategically partners to ensure our product best performance in every phase of product life circle. And we pass all cost-down onto our buyers.
We believe quality is the life of our reputation, so we keep strict quality control system. Our rigorous QA team members devote themselves to the burdensome work in all the key processes such as IQC, production scheduling; OQA and 100% final inspection.

Our goal is not to simply provide commodity electronics, but to enhance the lives and lifestyles of the end-users, we are keen to bring people the most innovative and useful products for everyday life at an affordable price. Driven by this vision, we bring happiness to people's digital lives through our professionalism and commitment. We can only succeed when our customers succeed, so we provide complete solution to our customers by supplying high quality products at competitive prices with timely delivery. We listen to the needs of our customers and meet their expectations with unique and inspiring product designs and concepts.

Our core business is to provide OEM/ODM service for consumer electronics brands, gift & premium companies, as well as corporate clients worldwide. Our products are currently being sold worldwide to Europe, USA and Asia, South America etcs.

Welcome for any enquiry regarding to our company or products like Power Bank , Bluetooth Speaker, TWS and other Mobile Peripheral Accessories.
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