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B1003S new 10000mAh power bank with 2 USB outputs and Type C function
· Power Capacity: 8100~10000mAh
· Battery type: Li-Polymer battery
10000mAh Type C power bank

10000mAh Type C power bank with 2 USB outputs

Color:White, Black, Blue, Pink, Red etc

· Power Capacity: 8100~10000mAh

New Type C power charger
Battery cell: Li-Polymer
Input: 5V  1.5A   
Output 1: 5V  1.0A      
Output 2: 5V  2.1A
Type C output: 5V  2A
Dimension: 145*75*12mm                             
With LED Logo Display and battery Indicator
Color: Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink etc

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